bikesales 125 Dream build

episode 3

After the slight misadventure at Rocky, Jase and Pete both knuckled down and finally got to work on assembling this masterpiece, For real now!


Luckily the Gold Coast Cup was just around the corner, and there was some real hype about the 2-Stroke class! So now the boys really had to get a move on. Motor, Suspension, wheels it was all coming together quite seamlessly in an unlike gypsy fashion way. Weird. Piece by piece this 125 dream build is finally looking like a bike again! Fuel in.. Kick. third kick and she sang!!! After all the long nights and tight deadlines, this Tc125 finally has a heartbeat, it’s ready to race!


Well, not before our jockey Jatz gives it some testing. If you’ve raced motorsports enough you would know that riding a freshly built motor leaves you feeling some type of way, whether is the nerves or the joy, either way, Jatz will send it!


The first ride under the belt, confidence is absolutely soaring, so much so Sammy has printed some #1 Jerseys for when Jatz wins the last round of the Gold Coast cup… mmm yeah about that.. A 2nd place finish in the first moto leaves Jatz with a good chance of taking this thing home… An illegal jump on the first lap from Sleeter cost Jatz the possibility of 1st and even 2nd place. Thanks, Sleetdawg. The tension in the pits was booming.


What was supposed to be a simple bike build, quickly turned into a full-blown, from the ground up dream build! It sure did feel nice watching this puppy sing into a podium spot. With the build now finished, it’s over to you guys, the members. Subscribe to the 1-year membership to be in the draw to win this 2019 TC125 Dream Build


Also massive thanks to Bikesales for making this all happen. If you’re ever in the hunt for a motorcycle of any make or model, or maybe even a bike to do your own dream build on. Head to


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