Gypsy-Tales is the brainchild of Jase Macalpine.
A film maker who has spent the last 10yrs traveling the globe.
Gypsy Tales features the friends made along the way.

Gypsy’s euro excursion: STARK VARG TESTING

Part 2 of Gypsy’s euro Adventure…

from the italian mxgp straight to the stark varg testing facility in barcelona, spain where i got to put some hours on the much anticipated stark varg. i guess you could say this was any mans dreams! since i last rode the stark back in 2022 the bike has gone through some extensive updates. previously i had only ridden the stark briefly for a press release and ever since then i’ve been itching to swing my leg back over the varg. this time with a fully functional stark future phone on the bars. this thing is a game changer! being able to tune the power and engine braking to your liking with 5 customisable presets is all you’d ever want. the different modes can be tuned and switched on go, that being said i started the day off on mode 1, about 60% power and 95% regenerative braking (engine braking) mode 2 was less aggressive, mode 3 even less and so forth. that way once i started feeling tired i would dial down the power and aggressiveness to extend my riding experience.

i really cherished the whole experience whilst over in europe. i stayed with anton wass, that man has got life dialed. anton’s work life balance is on the verge of perfection, Working hours a day, gym, mountain bike riding, moto, with nice dinners here and there he is the absolute lord of all lords!

Thank you so much to the whole stark future crew for all the hospitality and care throughout my time in spain!

Gypsy Gang

CHAPTER 271 Ft. Ryan Hughes

The man, the myth, the legend Ryan Hughes makes his second appearance on the podcast. His first time on the show he really did change the game for us. It was the first of our remote studio episodes and it exploded the podcast into a completely new realm. This time we sat face to face in the studio in Costa Mesa to run our podcast clock together to over 6 hours.
Enjoy you legends, thanks so much for supporting the podcast!

Gypsy Gang

CHAPTER 269 Ft. Johnny Hopper

Johhny Hopper is a Motocross and Supercross content creator and in the last two years has gained a solid following online. He has really found his lane content wise in the sport and I really enjoy watching what he puts out. This is Johnny’s second time on the podcast and I always really enjoy it whenever we get together for the podcast.
Thanks so much for supporting the site!




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