bikesales 125 Dream build

episode 2 came to us with an idea we couldn’t say no too. They wanted to give us a $7,000 budget to buy any bike we wanted to on their site, as long as we raced it…. How good.

After some time to regroup, Jase, alongside others… had gotten back to work on this little gem. 

The Annual King of Capricorn had arisen again for another year of bar-banging racing at the beautiful but grueling Rockhampton Motocross track. This year it’s different.. A Gypsy Tales 2-stroke class has been added to the schedule, racers Australia wide had filled entries fast!

With Just a bare frame in hand, Jase had his vision set on Jackson Richardson Lining up on this Gypsy Tales 125 Dream Build. Some long nights were ahead…

Pete was going ballistic in the cerakote booth, Jase frantically slapping parts on this puppy. WP Triple Clamps, MX Tech BlackJack forks and their Natty Shock, these two paired was some serious eye candy. Oh yeah and this was all the night before departure, crazy

All the boys could do was just pray everything come together perfect.. The finish line was just in sight, Sadly Jase’s worst fear had come to life, an issue with gear selector had put all the boys hopes down the drain. 

Luckily Sammy had a spare 2 stroke laying around (must be nice) and was delighted for Jatz to give it a flogging at Rocky


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Bikesales 125 Dream Build: EP.3

bikesales 125 Dream build episode 3 After the slight misadventure at Rocky, Jase and Pete both knuckled down and finally got to work on