bikesales 125 Dream build

episode 1 came to us with an idea we couldn’t say no too. They wanted to give us a $7,000 budget to buy any bike we wanted to on their site, as long as we raced it…. How good.


With the 125 2-stroke scene really kicking into gear once more and the topic of entry level bikes being harder and harder to afford, buying a little dinger was the only logical move. Originally this was going to be a small scale build. We spent almost the entire bag on the bike because our 2019 TC125 base was in awesome condition and gave us a brilliant base to work with. Just throw on some odi bars and grips, a fresh set of tyres and a bills pipe; we were off to the races.


If you have been racing in motorsports for long enough though, you will know that whatever can happen, will happen; and on day one of testing we manage to destroy this engine completely! 


With this little 2-stroke engine now cactus, it leaves the door wide open for a full scale 125 dream build… And from here forth, to hell with the budget!


Oh, and at the end of it all, I am going to give my dream 125 away to a member of the gypsy gang!


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Bikesales 125 Dream Build: EP.3

bikesales 125 Dream build episode 3 After the slight misadventure at Rocky, Jase and Pete both knuckled down and finally got to work on