Justin barcia

"I would always buzz the track, do some loops and fly back to the airport but on this day a storm rolled in.
i tried landing but the wind picked the wing up..."
justin barcia

Justin Barcia has been on of my favourite riders since he was on an 85cc 2-stroke ripping MTF and taking out every older rider in his path. He was one of the most hyped amateurs to ever turn pro, and he didn’t disappoint. JB went on to earn himself two Lites Supercross titles while also earning his now infamous nickname Bam Bam.

In recent years though, Barcia has let us see a side of him that has always been kept in the dark and it has only added to his legacy as one of the most entertaining riders the sport has ever seen. In this podcast though, you will see a different side of Barcia. Mellow and contemplative as he looks back at the crazy journey he has been on.

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CHAPTER 258 Ft. Geran Stapleton

Recent installment of the Gypsy Tales Podcast features a true Aussie making it all happen in the States. at round 16 of the supercross series we linked up with banga. Privateers are often overlooked when it comes to sponsors, they’re heading to races on their own terms, racing old bikes and even getting belongings stolen from the van while racing heat race. Banga will explain that one…

This podcast is one to listen to! there’s not better story than what comes out the back of the pits!


CHAPTER 257 Ft. Anton Wass

Anton Wass is the co-founder and CEO of Stark Future. Just over a year ago they sent shockwaves (no pun intended) when they announced the Stark Var, the first ever electric dirt bike that is a real rival to our traditional combustion bikes of today.
I have spent the past week at the Stark factory in Barcelona Spain recording podcasts and doing endurance testing on the Varg and we finished the week off with this chat with Anton. Over the past 12 months Anton has become a good friend and it’s epic to get to sit down at length to talk about the future of 2 wheels!


CHAPTER 256 Ft. Jeff Emig

This one is an absolute banger with one of the greats in the sport of Motocross and Supercross. Jeff Emig was one of the sports most enigmatic figures through the 90’s and instead of retiring into the sunset post career, he started on a whole new journey in sports broadcasting. After 12 years calling the AMA Supercross he now has a new focus in the form of the World Supercross Championship with long time partner Ralph Sheheen.
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