Justin barcia

"I would always buzz the track, do some loops and fly back to the airport but on this day a storm rolled in.
i tried landing but the wind picked the wing up..."
justin barcia

Justin Barcia has been on of my favourite riders since he was on an 85cc 2-stroke ripping MTF and taking out every older rider in his path. He was one of the most hyped amateurs to ever turn pro, and he didn’t disappoint. JB went on to earn himself two Lites Supercross titles while also earning his now infamous nickname Bam Bam.

In recent years though, Barcia has let us see a side of him that has always been kept in the dark and it has only added to his legacy as one of the most entertaining riders the sport has ever seen. In this podcast though, you will see a different side of Barcia. Mellow and contemplative as he looks back at the crazy journey he has been on.

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CHAPTER 248 Ft. Jo Shimoda

Jo Shimoda is one of the fastest rising stars in the sport and the only Japanese rider currently racing at the top level of the sport. Jo has had a dream run over the past few years chalking up multiple wins and podiums in Supercross and the AMA Pro Motocross series, culminating in a second overall this past summer to phenom Jett Lawrence.


CHAPTER 247 Ft. Denan Kemp

Denan Kemp is more than just a Bloke in a Bar. He is the man behind the biggest sports podcast in Australia and has built a brand around his podcast that I truly look up too. Since I first came across the Bloke podcast I have looked up to Denan and I have been looking forwards to the day that he finally made his debut on Gypsy Tales.


CHAPTER 245 Ft. Christian Craig

Christian Craig is one of the sport of Supercross genuine success stories. From a highly touted amateur career that blossomed into an early professional career marred by serious injuries, Christian stepped away from the sport completely and resigned himself to an early retirement.