Steve Astephen

"I got lucky, right place right time when i launched 'the familie'. There's a lot of competition now in the agent scene"
steve astephen

When it comes to the action sports world, if you haven’t specifically heard the name Steve Astephen, then you have 100% heard of at least 15 of his clients. I feel confident in saying that because he has represented some of the biggest names in the game. From Dave Mirra, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Sheckler to Ken Roczen there are almost too many to name. 


Steves career started as the Familie over 25 years ago before he was made was one of only 4 partners at Wasserman Media to now back on his own with the Familie V2. This is a podcast that I have wanted to do since I started the podcast and I am stoked that we were able to make it happen. 


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Gypsy Gang

CHAPTER 271 Ft. Ryan Hughes

The man, the myth, the legend Ryan Hughes makes his second appearance on the podcast. His first time on the show he really did change the game for us. It was the first of our remote studio episodes and it exploded the podcast into a completely new realm. This time we sat face to face in the studio in Costa Mesa to run our podcast clock together to over 6 hours.
Enjoy you legends, thanks so much for supporting the podcast!

Gypsy Gang

CHAPTER 269 Ft. Johnny Hopper

Johhny Hopper is a Motocross and Supercross content creator and in the last two years has gained a solid following online. He has really found his lane content wise in the sport and I really enjoy watching what he puts out. This is Johnny’s second time on the podcast and I always really enjoy it whenever we get together for the podcast.
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