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Church is in session 

Please take your seats, church is in session. I have long been an advocate, ok a preacher or a heretic even; for the 350 Motocross bike. I first rode the bike in one of its earliest forms during the JDR Motocross days in the US. The bike has come a long way since, but even in those early iterations of the 350 I knew that it was the bike for me. To be frank I think it is the bike for most people.


So I purchased my own 2020 KTM 250-SXF in 2020 and since then I have been playing around with different parts and little goodies, but because this was my daily driver I never could just rip it apart for months and not ride it. Well that finally changed this year when the big girl hit 50 hours. It was time to give her some love and after spending years with this bike, I finally wanted to go big and build myself the perfect 350.


I love doing bike builds and getting the opportunity to go in deep on the 350 was as excited as I’ve ever been to do a build. I really feel as though I know what I want when it comes to the bike now days and there was a list of awesome companies who were down to go in with me. And right from the start I need to point out that the whole premise of this bike build isn’t to just chuck on anything we can. My real aim here is to build my dream version of a KTM 350 after 50 hours of owning one. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned, but I also don’t wanna kick over rocks that are better left alone.


As luck would have it, right around the time we were getting into this build, the team at MXTech were just about to release their all new 49mm Kit Fork featuring their epic Black Jack inserts. These things were as trick as it gets and if you listen to the podcast at all you will know that I can be rather picky when it comes to suspension. These forks, paired with the fantastic National Shock from MXTech make up a massive piece of the puzzle for this build. I have often spoken about how different I wish the stock suspension was and for me, this suspension combination is really the dream on this bike.


As well as a massive suspension upgrade we have teamed up with Jed Parsons from JPM here on the Gold Coast to give this motor a really solid spec internally, and then bring it to life with his custom mapped Vortex ECU.


Add to this a bunch of parts from the guys at mxstore, P3 carbon, Dubya wheels from the US, Luxon clamps (plus more) and you have yourself an extremely capable 350. And when it is all said and done, I don’t just want you to take my word for it… I have invited Gypsy Tales Hall of Fame’r Mike Sleeter to put this steed through its paces.


This 125 build was rad, but this one has some extra special meaning behind it. 


Gypsy’s Euro Excursion: Trentino MXGP

I was first greeted by Takeshi Katsuya aka “Taka” from Kawasaki R&D. Thanks to Taka, I got the full factory run-down, camera on hand. filmed some races, sat in traffic, met some gypsy gang members, and got the rental boxed in by some fellow Italians, all in all, made for a perfect little euro excursion



Call me crazy, but I bought a bike in Dubai before I had a car. I feel like there’s no place I’ll be able to call home that doesn’t have a bike in it, just is what it is.