troy lee

What is up Gypsy Gang. Man, I have now said that 300 times on full episodes of this podcast. Yes, today is episode 300 of the show, and I can’t thank every single one of you enough for being a part of what we have created together. I am so proud of the community that we have built and I am really proud of the stories we have been able to share through this platform. We posted the first full length episode of the podcast on the first of January 2018 and it has been an insane ride since then… We have had well over 100 million downloads and views of the show in that time and it honestly feels like we are just getting started.

I get messages all the time from you guys whether it is on Instagram, email or comments saying how much the podcast has helped you over the years; and I want to let you all know that Gypsy Tales has truly changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for making that happen.

I feel like every guest is worthy of a milestone show, but we really lucked into a great guest for the 300th episode of the podcast.

Troy Lee is one of the most iconic and influential names in racing period. From humble beginnings painting helmets in his family garage to being the only gear and apparel company to own a Supercross and Motocross team (and a factory team at that). He has painted helmets for every legend in every form of motorsport – Jeff Ward in Motocross, Supercross and IndyCar, Jeremy McGrath, Scott Dixon and many many more. This was a brilliant episode of Gypsy Tales and a perfect way to celebrate the big 300.

In this episode we talk about balancing life as a creative, why he is ok losing money each year on his race team, why he will paint helmets until he dies and how badly we need Glen Helen back on the Pro Motocross Series.

I also have to save a huge thankyou to our sponsors. Even though we get millions of views each month on YouTube, it is the sponsors that you hear on the start of these shows that are the backbone of this business and without them we really wouldn’t be able to bring you these shows in the way that we do.

Some of our sponsors have been with us for a really long time and that loyalty means the world to us, and we have had a couple of new sponsors come on board this year that have really made this US push possible. When you support them, you are also supporting us.



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