billy bolt

"they were like 'oh we don't mind you can come and work out the truck whatever' and they had a poster i made and i just remember like everybody was coming up just like i was like taddy was just yeah cody webb was that it for ktm at the time and then everyone's just like staring at the poster like like who the fuck is this billy bolt"
billy bolt

Billy Bolt has had one of the most meteoric rises to the top of the two-wheeled world that I have ever come across. In actual fact, I had no idea just how incredible his rise was until we sat down for this episode of Gypsy Tales. Maybe that is why literally hundreds of people have DM’d be over the last couple of years begging to get Mr. Bolt on the podcast.


Billy is a part of the UK Syndicate that is slowly taking over YouTube, consisting of himself, Tommy Searle and lensman Ed Warren. Through his amazing vlogs and their podcast he has single handedly made the world of off-road as cool as it Motocross and Supercross cousin and creating a lane to follow for any would-be enduro rider.


Not only is Billy Bolt an incredible talent on a bike, but he is also a larger than life personality that one can’t help but be drawn to. Billy spent most of his career grinding away on a trials bike before borrowing the money off his mum for an enduro bike and then going on to earn 5th place at his first ever Erzberg Hard Enduro… Fucking animal. Just five months into his enduro career Billy earned himself a spot on the Factory Husqvarna Team and the enduro landscape has never looked the same. 


From an English lad that spent his teenage years reading every piece of print media cover to cover to a now multiple time world champion, the story of Billy Bolt of one of the most inspiring ever told on Gypsy Tales!