Tommy searle

"we still had no idea, like i had no idea... i never watched races on tv and my dad had never been to an actual professional race. i'd never been to a world championship before i raced a world championship"
tommy searle

Tommy Searle and I go back to a time that we both realized together on the podcast, that we almost don’t remember. It was around 2011 when Tommy was living out a childhood dream of racing in the United States, and I was caught up in the whirlwind of traveling the world filming dirtbikes; earning in the process the very namesake of this podcast.


As we both reflected during the 3 hours that we sat and talked, that time in both our lives was about as ‘in the moment’ as it has ever gotten for either of us. Social media was in its infancy, there was no one taking photos or posting stories of the shenanigans but they were happening at a pace that both of us had never experienced.


Tommy is a guy that I always really enjoyed being around. He is as dry as they come in terms of humor and extremely British in that sense. We tried to work out how long it has been since we actually hung out and it would have been over ten years ago, but it felt like we talked all the time when we actually sat down to do the podcast.


I had heard crazy stories of Tommy’s dad at the races when he was just a kid, but it wasn’t until this podcast that I got a true appreciation of just how unique his upbringing was. He was the complete opposite of the fabled ‘mini-dad’ that almost everyone in the sport has at some point encountered, and when you hear some of the stories it makes me think it would be impossible to ever become a professional racer in the modern era with that as your foundation.


Not only did Tommy go on to become a professional racer, he proceeded to finish runner up in the MXGP World Championship multiple times and in the process become the most winning British MX2 rider of all time. It was epic to hear about Tommy’s rise through the ranks and professional career on the world stage, but equally are epic to get his take on the sport in general. 


We have been trying to make this podcast happen for a while and when the time came it didn’t disappoint.


Gypsy Gang

CHAPTER 271 Ft. Ryan Hughes

The man, the myth, the legend Ryan Hughes makes his second appearance on the podcast. His first time on the show he really did change the game for us. It was the first of our remote studio episodes and it exploded the podcast into a completely new realm. This time we sat face to face in the studio in Costa Mesa to run our podcast clock together to over 6 hours.
Enjoy you legends, thanks so much for supporting the podcast!

Gypsy Gang

CHAPTER 269 Ft. Johnny Hopper

Johhny Hopper is a Motocross and Supercross content creator and in the last two years has gained a solid following online. He has really found his lane content wise in the sport and I really enjoy watching what he puts out. This is Johnny’s second time on the podcast and I always really enjoy it whenever we get together for the podcast.
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