"It's just it's something to behold and it's gonna be cool... I just can't wait till more people ride it to to see i'm not crazy!"

Josh Hill is one of the boys. One of the gentlemen that has an open invite for the podcast. Partly because of the reason just mentioned and then partly because he always has some dope shit going on. This is Josh’s 2nd full length appearance on the podcast, but third if you want to count the first of our Covid videos calls that we did with Sammy. And, well, 4th if you wanna count the one that we never got to release because we (we as in I) fucked up the recording.


Josh’s first full episode of the podcast takes us all the way back to CHAPTER 83 in November of 2019 which seems crazy to think about now. The whole world has changed since then, sans the talent Josh Hill has on a dirtbike.


It’s the case most of the time, but when we sat down in a hotel room in NZ to bust out Chapter 83 Josh and I were relative strangers. I had been to a couple of infamous parties at his Temecula pad right around the time he was the best Supercross rider in the world. 


NOTE: I even have one of his parties to thank for a 6 month fling with a former Monster Girl that I ended up flying to Australia to be bitterly disappointed when she turned out to be a total dud. God I thought I was killing it…. 


But aside from a few visits to those parties, and a lot of mutual friends, Big Hill and I were pretty much strangers for the first interview. 


Needless to say that first episode with Hill became an instant classic and sparked a pretty rad friendship. Hill is the kind of guy who will message you out of the blue to make sure you’re doing good and ins’t afraid to just pick up the phone and call. 


Since that first interview Hill has had a renaissance of sorts when it comes to his career. He went from working as the athlete rep for Monster post racing back to a full fledged Monster Athlete with a content budget to seek out and film the most creative moto content possible, on the most creative machinery. He’s raced a bunch of Supercross races all over the world and has inadvertently become the face of the e-bike revolution that is at our doorstep.


That is kind of a good segway into this latest CHAPTER of Gypsy Tales with Big Hill. While driving back from The Bend motorsports complex late last year, I got one of those random calls from Josh with the most notable quote being:


“I’m under an NDA, so I can’t say too much, but what I can say is that we won’t need to use gas in our dirtbikes too much longer.”




My wheels started turning about the possibilities but I didn’t have to wait too long to get the confirmation. Hill passed on my details to the team at Stark Future and I was briefed on the project via video call a couple weeks later.


Josh had just got back from Spain testing the production units and we had already talked about making another podcast happen and it ended up lining up perfectly with his second rad piece of news for 2022… He was driving out to California  to be a late minute replacement for injured Benny Bloss in the 450 class for the Monster Energy Team Tedder Racing team. What can’t the man do.


As always, an episode of the podcast with Jo. Hill never disappoints. For 202 we talked extensively about the Stark Varg, our electric future, being called gay, getting engaged to the love of his life, the Supercross class of 2022 and more. If you can’t tell,l I am a super fan of Josh Hill. On the bike and off the bike, he’s just one of the coolest guys I know.


I hope this extended intro to the podcast on the Gypsy Gang HQ gives you a little bit deeper look into the show and how it is that they come about. As always, thanks for your support and I hope you all enjoy this episode!





CHAPTER 305 Ft. Ryan Dungey

RYAN DUNGEY Throughout his career, Dungey achieved numerous victories and championships. He competed in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross and the Lucas Oil AMA Pro