chase sexton

"for me last year i felt like i was... i feel like we weren't a good spot with the bike and i didn't feel like we were going right down the right path. so i was trying to lead them in a way where i thought was better and i was just being very i should say probably just pretty much an asshole to everybody and i i kind of realized that halfway through the year..."

Chase Sexton is a serious racer, and I like that about him. This is one of those podcasts that had been talked about for a good while before it happened, but as always I am glad it happened when it did. Chase is at the top of the food chain as far as Motocross and Supercross racers go. At just 22 he is riding for the Factory HRC team and is a threat to win every main event he enters at this point of his career. With the format of the 3 hour podcast, it makes sense that there is a sense of apprehension to do the podcast at times from the big names currently at the top of the sport.

It’s very hard to hide who you are and what you are about when you sit down and talk for that length of time, and in this game, sometimes showing all of your cards isn’t seen as something you want to do.

We first spoke about doing the podcast as Chase entered his rookie 450 class season but his boot camp took more time away from his schedule than he thought and the added media attention and testing of a new bike took what was left. We stayed in touch throughout the season but, as Chase admits in the podcast, his rookie year was a lot tougher on him than he thought. Throughout the Summer Chase headed back East and the podcast was put well and truly on the back burner.

The off-season of his sophomore season rolled around and we fired up the chat once more about Chase coming on the podcast. I was pumped that he was a man of his word and made good on his promise to do the show, this time we would have a lot more to talk about.

While his debut season might not have gone the way that he thought, it became apparent to me during the podcast that a lot of valuable learning really did take place. The kind of learning that can either break a guy, or on the flip side become the kind of character building that makes a champion.

Coming into the podcast I was really just a massive fan of Chase’s flawless riding style. I have spent hours watching footage of him ride, analyzing his technique to see if there are things I can pick up on to implement into my own riding. 

During the podcast though, I realized that the perfect technique is only part of the story with Chase Sexton. I learned that he is not only a technical whizz on a bike, but also that he has the kind of obsessive personality that I have always gravitated towards in people. It makes sense that that perfect technique of his is a symptom of his mentality towards perfection.

As I have learned in my own life however, this mentality can come at a cost to the people around you, and it seems like it’s no exception in Chase’s case. During the podcast he was about as candid as a rider has ever been while on the show about the struggles he faced as a result of his relentless drive towards perfection.

He outlined some of the issues that he had with his team in 2021 and also in his personal life as a result and we went in depth about the repercussions of the kind of drive he has. We also talked extensively about leadership, something that Chase said he’s going to be working on improving his skills in going forwards.

I very rarely try to give advice on shows, especially with riders, but this chat with Chase seemed about as genuine a conversation as ever on the podcast and it felt like he was open to hearing what I had to say. Leadership has been a part of my own life that has been a huge focus for me over the last few years and I’ve put a considerable amount of work into that vertical over the past few years. I offered what pieces of wisdom I could do Chase and in a way took the opportunity to reconfirm my own beliefs and expectations to myself out loud.

This was a fantastic episode of the podcast and one that I hope you all enjoy and can take something away from!



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