tyler pearce

"ride all the bikes"
tyler pearce

It is a very very rare day indeed that someone will sit in the chair across from me after having requested an appearance on the podcast. I don’t know why it gets to me, but it just seems too… Maybe it’s because most of the time I don’t even feel worthy of speaking on the show, so it kinda seems weird to me when someone else does.

Tyler Pearce was one of the rare exceptions to this rule, although for 2 years he wasn’t. Tyler first hit me up with a big ass DM about wanting to come on the show. He sounded like a pretty cool guy though, but needless to say, like most requests it stayed in the unread folder of my Instagram DM’s. We didn’t have the US studio set up at this point and I wasn’t interested in doing Zoom podcasts as they swept through the industry like Covid swept through the world.

Quality has always been at the forefront of my mind when it comes to doing these shows and the whole Zoom thing was the antithesis of that mantra.

As far as Tyler is concerned though, he’s a cool guy. He’s a Vegan cyclist (the name of his large YouTube channel), a purple belt in Jiu Jistu, a moto frother and he knows the content grind that we are on as good as any. He really was a prime candidate for the show, but I just didn’t really feel a connection. 

I’m not sure how many bumps Tyler gave that DM but after a while I just started to watch his content. I respected his hustle for sure. Then I saw one video that really made me wanna pull the trigger and get him on the show. He had self funded a feature length show on YouTube called ‘The Impossible Route’ that really caught my attention.

I saw a lot of what Sammy and I do with our silly adventures in that series, and I respected the hell out of the way Tyler was able to make those happen! By this time as well we were well and truly pumping out shows in the California studio so it all just started to make a little more sense.

This show ended up being one of the 4 hour epics. Tyler came ready with an insane story of owning a motorcycle shop, going broke in the recession, becoming a debt consolidator and then a YouTube creator. He is a true grinder in every sense of the word and it makes sense that he is one of the few that have managed to make a full time living out of independently creating content on the internet.


Oh, and he didn’t say the word Vegan one time… Kudos Tyler.